App for Your Health

Quest Diagnostics has developed Gazelle™, a mobile health app that has enables you to see, store, and share your important health information, and take control of your health at your convenience.

Benefits of using this app include the ability to see, store, and share your medical records using your mobile devise, including lab results.  In addition, you can quickly access your medical records, prescription information, and share health related information via email and/or fax. The app allows you to store doctors’ and insurance information, emergency details, allergies,vital statistics, prescriptions, lab results as well as medical and immunization histories. Lab report will include an explanation of normal and abnormal values for each test.

Another equally important functions includes the ability to monitor weight and body mass wirelessly with the Withings WiFi Body Scale. It automatically tracks changes in your weight and can even upload your data to Gazelle or the web.  Keeping body weight in check is one of the best ways to prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Lastly, you can keep a travel log with dates which can help doctors diagnosis certain medical conditions that you may have picked up on your travels.