Are You Being Taken Advantage Of?

It’s rough to find out that you are being taken advantage of there’s no doubt about it – whether it’s in a relationship or dealing with finances or with your job. Most of the time though you figure it out and stop it from happening. But what if you were completely drunk or even worse…unconscious…how would even know then? In most cases, you wouldn’t – until it was too late. An article was recently published in the Parade by Emily Listfield about the new dangers of binge drinking in today’s world. The new difference from years ago? High caffeinated/high sugar energy drinks. It’s certainly an eye-opening scenario that’s taking place and when bars and nightclubs have Red Bull/Vodka on the menus it’s (sadly) socially acceptable. And though her story is based around underage drinking – the threat of energy drinks mixed with alcohol create problematic situations for adults as well. The main problem? Well, let me have a doctor explain (this is directly from the article)

“The caffeine blocks the part of alcohol that makes you sleepy and might otherwise cause you to pass out. This enables you to drink far more than you might have. By the time many of these kids get to the hospital, they have to be put temporarily on respirators because of depressed breathing.” Disturbed by what they were seeing, Dr. O’Brien and her colleagues conducted a survey that year of 4,271 students from more than 10 universities in North Carolina. “We found that about a quarter of the kids who’d had a drink in the past 30 days said they were mixing alcohol with energy drinks, either the premixed kind or Red Bull and vodka. They got drunk twice as often and drank more per session than those who had alcohol without caffeine. They were much more likely to be injured, much more likely to be taken advantage of sexually or to take advantage of someone sexually, much more likely to drive drunk.”


In short there’s no more getting tired which is the body’s natural way of telling you – “Hey! It’s time to stop drinking!” and so you continue to party and before you know it – could very easily end up being taken advantage of and seriously damaging your health. Don’t let this happen to you. Yes, it’s fun to drink and “loosen up” but please don’t mix caffeine and alcohol – save the caffeine for your coffee to help with your hangover the day after.