Are You Eating Engineered Food?

Wow, talk about coincidence – my colleague Mia just posted about eating Organic Veggies and to watch out for GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms). It just so happens that my Uncle and I were having a similar conversation over the Thanksgiving holiday. You see, he is an organic farmer in Southern Missouri. He knows and sees first-hand what other farmers next to him are doing and how big pesticide companies (and the government) influence their farming techniques and how it is all starting to affect his crops.

It started off very confusing – talking to the family about GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) and GC (Genetic Contamination), run-off and share-cropping, herbicides and pesticides, and the whatnot. So I finally intervened and said, “Look Uncle Dan…can you just explain this in a simple man’s way…say, someone who has never been to a farm and just knows, that to get food, you just need to go to a grocery store.”

And then he got it. “Eric, you’ve heard of killing weeds with weed killer right?” I said yes, “and bugs with bug killer right?” Again, I shook my head in agreement. “Well, generally speaking, a farmers worst nightmare is to have weeds and insects destroy their crops. So to prevent that from happening, scientists have created pesticides/herbicides to combat weeds and insects. The problem has been, that along with killing those pests, often times the product would kill the crops as well or at least contaminate them, and the surrounding area, with the pesticide/herbicide being used. That is why Organic is now a lifestyle not just a trend anymore. So to keep profits rolling, those same scientists at the same pesticide/herbicide companies have been working on and developing¬† genetically engineered seeds for crops that can withstand these pesticide/herbicide chemicals. In my neighbors case, they are using what is called Roundup Ready Soybeans and Roundup Ready Corn seeds. When they germinate, farmers are then able to spray the Roundup crop control on the plants/ground, therefore killing the pests and not the crops.”

“Wow!” I said,¬† “and let me guess, there are no long-term studies done to figure out how this genetically engineered food is affecting people right!?” And with a serious stare, he just shook his head in agreement. “It’s a bold new world we are living in” he said, “technology has certainly changed everything. Now we just need the right people to monitor and control all the scientific so-called advancements before there is nothing natural left on our planet.”

And then he assured us that his corn that we had just eaten was all-natural 100% home-grown. Thank goodness, cause I could see the rest of the family (including myself) beginning to feel a bit uneasy. So yes, when you hit the grocery store next and pick up your veggies – look for the Organic seal of approval – or you may very well end up eating something that was engineered in a lab. Makes you wonder…huh? For more detailed information click: Roundup Ready.