Bad Prostate!

Guys, if you have been experiencing frequent pain in your genital area and/or painful urination – yes, it could be that you have contracted an STD. But it could also be that you just have an enlarged prostate. It’s known as BPH – Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. It often happens naturally to most of us as we get older (40+), but that doesn’t mean the pain is natural – you can also have an enlarged prostate and not experience pain. But, at the same time, you may very well have contracted Chlamydia and Gonorrhea…as those can go for years without showing any symptoms. However, if you are experiencing pain, get it checked out because it could also be a symptom of prostate cancer. You can order a Prostate-Specific Antigen test here to find out.

Though, if you’ve recently had unprotected sex (and it wasn’t with your spouse or significant other) it would be wise to start with a STD test or two – Chlamydia and Gonorrhea in particular as they both can show those same symptoms (genital pain and/or painful urination). Plus they are often transmitted together. It’s simple, affordable and confidential; just click here. And if those tests come back negative, then make sure you take some time to see a doctor and talk about BPH and possible solutions to help relieve your pain.