Every time I see or hear this I automatically assume the gas station and now, unfortunately, the oil spill. But in the health world, this is our lifeline. It is our Blood Pressure. Every time you see your results, you want it to be normal (120/80) just like going to the gas station is normal to get gas. Otherwise you’re dealing with something unfortunate like the oil spill and your BP is higher or lower than it should be…and if it stays that way for long, you are putting yourself at risk for tissue and organ damage and quite possibly a stroke. And research has shown that the higher your Blood Pressure is…the higher your risk for damage to occur.

There are some easy-to-pick out contributing factors for elevated BP:  Stress, smoking, drinking two or more alcoholic beverages a day, access salt in your diet, obesity, and family history. And everything but the family history can be controlled. There was even a recent health study done about the best and worst places for a man to live in 2011: http://health.yahoo.net/rodale/MH/the-best-and-worst-cities-for-men-2011

Not that you should just pack up and leave your “worst” city and move to one of the “best” cities, but it certainly has some good points to make. And perhaps you can implement some of these “best” cities practices into your life – like for instance, frequently seeing your doctor and checking your BP, going to the farmers market, participating in some outdoor activities, etc, etc.

And if you haven’t checked your BP lately (and not the gas station) or have never heard of “120 over 80”, then I suggest it’s time you do. Stay healthy out there!