C-Reactive Protein and Breast Cancer Survival

Levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) are increased in response to acute inflammation, infection and tissue damage. Cancer also causes levels of C-reactive protein to increase. A study conducted in Denmark with 2000 breast cancer patients found that the higher the C-reactive protein, the worse the prognosis found Kristine Allin, MD, of Copenhagen University Hospital, and colleagues reported in BMC’s Breast Cancer Research.

The five-year survival decreased from 90% for low CRP to 74% for high levels of CRP, disease-free survival reduced from 87% to 74%, and deaths from breast cancer increased from 11% to 20% according to the Copenhagen University Hospital Study. Survival with cancer increases with reduced CRP and survival after cancer increases with reduced CRP.

So the next question is how do you decrease your c-reactive protein naturally? Below is a list of possible ways to decrease your CRP levels and allow your body to naturally begin to heal itself.

  • Mediterranean diet high in organic fruits and vegetables and low in saturated fats.
  • Eat more foods high in fiber in the form of fruits, vegetables and beans.
  • Intake of organic flavonoid rich food.
  • Take Vitamin C supplements (1000 mg recommended)
  • Take Omega 3 Fatty acids and Fish Oils (300-500 mg)
  • Eat more fish
  • Practice relaxation techniques to decrease hypertension
  • Don’t smoke
  • Drink 4-6 cups of Green Tea a day
  • Take Vitamin E
  • Take COQ10
  • Eat small amounts of dark chocolate

It is funny that the same recommendations for food keep popping up in preventing almost all types of diseases. The body is best at processing certain types of food and we are learning more about what makes our bodies sick and food plays a big part. To monitor your CRP levels regularly go to TestMeHealth.com.