Change is Here – Men!

A recent survey was done and found that 40% of men in their 40’s have never had their cholesterol checked and even 70% have never had a prostate exam! This could be a very bad thing, and according to T.E. Holt, M.D. , Ph.D it’s really only because “Men notoriously avoid doctors…”

Well guys, now you don’t necessarily need to go see a doctor to have your cholesterol checked and/or to get a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test done – this is the test that helps screen for prostate cancer. We are a convenient and inexpensive alternative to scheduling a doctor’s appointment. Don’t want to see a doctor right away – you don’t have to. Don’t want to schedule with the doctor’s assistants on their time – you don’t have to. Choose what you want to have tested and then choose when you want to go. We have labs conveniently located throughout each state.

So now, checking your cholesterol and your prostate levels at least every other year couldn’t get any easier – just click here to get started. We also give you the opportunity to purchase a Men’s Essential Health Screening that will include those and tests for Vitamin D, Iron, and Testosterone levels and a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel to help check your blood sugar levels and make sure you’re avoiding diabetes.

You don’t necessarily have to see a doctor every year, but you should be on top of your health every year via different resources – let us,, be one of them!