Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

A comprehensive metabolic panel is a blood test that measures your body’s electrolyte and fluid balance, liver function, kidney function and glucose level. Electrolytes keep the fluids in your body in balance. They also help keep your body working normally by regulating heart rhythm, muscle contraction, and brain function. The liver helps with digestion and produces vitamins and other substances that the body needs. The kidneys help keep the right balance of water salts and minerals in the blood. Glucose is a type of sugar that your body uses for energy.

You can see that many of these processes are very important and that the comprehensive metabolic panel is a very good diagnostic tool to make sure everything is working properly. Your doctor might order a comprehensive metabolic panel as part of a regular health screening. Your doctor might also use this test to check on a medical condition such as high blood pressure, or help diagnose a medical condition such as diabetes.