Cortisol linked to behavior problems!

I work in a stressful job and my stomach shows it! So, I’m always reading articles about cortisol and how it affects weight gain. But this article, just came out of the blue and gave me a reason why I might not be doing as much about it as I should.

The article focuses on kids, but the chemistry is the same in adults.  I knew cortisol helps you deal with stress – so you can get out of the way of that crazy taxi cab.  But I didn’t know that if you keep experiencing high levels of cortisol, your body will eventually adjust your chemistry to produce abnormally low levels of cortisol.  Now, you’ll see the taxi and not bother.  I mean, he hasn’t hit you yet, right?  What made me think about my motivation was the researchers’  analysis that if you are stressed for too long, then your cortisol production will drop and will essentially stop caring about things that you should care about.  Based on this research, depression and lack of interest might be due to too much stress.  So now, cortisol not only makes you fat but in the long run it makes you not want to do anything about it. Ouch!