Could You Please (not) Pass the Salt.

It’s the old “too much of a good thing can be bad” adage. In this case, it’s our love for salt. The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) recommends a daily dose of salt of 2,300 milligrams. And to give you a good idea what that relates to in food terms, the new Angus bacon cheese burger from McDonald’s has approx 2,000 milligrams. Yeah, and that’s not even including the fries! So as you can imagine, the average daily salt intake for Americans is at about 3,400 milligrams. That’s bad news too, considering that high levels of sodium in your body causes high blood pressure which then could lead to heart attacks and strokes.

So with the new federal regulations requiring restaurants to stop using trans fats and post their calorie counts for their food items, salt is on the radar to be the next target. Now restaurant owners are being proactive by creatively cutting back their salt usage – which is good. However, many fear that taste will suffer and people will just put more salt on their dishes at their table. So if you catch yourself in that situation, of thinking your favorite menu foods taste a little bland, be aware…your food was most likely prepared like that for a reason.

If you would like to check your sodium levels you can do that right here by ordering a CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel). Not only will it give you your sodium levels but also other important levels such as calcium, glucose and potassium.