The Gerson Way to Curing Cancer and Diseases

It has long been addressed in the medical community that the way to cure disease is through killing the disease and/or cutting out parts of the body as well. Some times killing the good as well as the bad. No one seems to address the environmental concerns, pollution, poor eating habits, and lifestyle habits that have changed so drastically in the last hundred years and led to such a dramatic increase in disease. It seems that most people are ok just paying doctors to cut them open or pharmaceutical companies to drug them. We have medicine that should help prolong past a hundred years instead of just help us get to 60 or 70. There is no reason that every person should not live until they are 120 years old (barring any other type of accident).

Hidden away from the majority of Americans is a method that has been around for nearly 100 years. It was developed by a Dr. Gerson. The method takes a different approach. Instead of drugging a person beyond belief, cutting the person up into pieces, and destroying a person’s ability to heal itself, the Gerson’s meth attempts to get your body to do what it would naturally do in a good state. . . Heal itself. From Cancer to MS to Heart Disease to Obesity, the Gerson method has proven extremely effective. However, the medical community doesn’t want people to know about it. Why? Simple, it is not profitable.

The Gerson method has specific things you must eat and specific things you must do in order to heal yourself. Very few of which cost much money. Furthermore, they can’t be marketed in a way that allows doctors or big pharmaceuticals to make any money.

In Japan, the Gerson method has helped thousands of people that have been healed naturally instead of using chemo and radiation. In the United States, the special interest groups have made it illegal to even open a clinic. There are clinics opening around the world and helping people heal. Unfortunately, the U.S. once again is way behind the realities due to special interest groups that are concerned about their companies making money over national health.

If your body was in a healthy state it would heal itself. Doesn’t it make more sense to help your body heal than to destroy your body and try to survive? The Gerson method has healed thousands of patients worldwide. Check out the documentaries “The Gerson Miracle” and “Dying to Know”. It is about time that we take our health into our own hands as we are being misled by many in the media, medical industry, and pharmaceutical industry. Some doctors don’t even know that they are misleading us because they are just telling us what they have been taught. Until they see a better way that works, they may not know.  Always look at all of your options when you come down with a disease so that you can make an educated decision on what you should be doing with your health.
helps you take your health into your own hands. By monitoring your health regularly through our tests, you can keep an eye on what is going on in your body.  Times are changing and the word is out. More and more people may stay alive because of this one simple blog that will help thousands.