Depression Could Be in the Genes

At some point in our lives – we will get depressed. It might not last long and may not even cause any damage. But for those who suffer major depression – life is lived through moments of despair and pain. Two recent studies have found that a certain region of our DNA might actually affect our depression. It’s a starting point to identify how major depression can be better treated.

Though if you are feeling a bit depressed, it also could be a sign that your Cortisol levels are abnormal.

Cortisol helps the body use sugar and fat for energy, an it also helps the body manage stress. The level of Cortisol may show problems with the adrenal glands or pituitary gland and some symptoms include: stress, depression, anxiety, irritability, and/or loss of emotional control. If you have never had you Cortisol levels checked, you can schedule to have a test done right here. But if you have been feeling depressed for many days and have symptoms such as body aches/pains, feeling tired all the time, not eating or over eating, not sleeping or sleeping too much, and thought of suicide, then you schedule an appointment with a health care professional right away.