Do You Have Diabetes?

A common symptom of Diabetes is sweet smelling urine. This is because excess sugar in the body is being excreted in urine. It could be related to other issues, but is most often due to uncontrolled blood sugar levels. Other symptoms include blurry vision, excessive thirst, fatigue, frequent urination, excessive hunger, and weight loss.

A Urinalysis may be used to look for glucose (sugar) and ketones from the breakdown of fat. However, a Urinalysis alone does not diagnose diabetes. If you have any of the signs and symptoms mentioned above a great screening test is the comprehensive metabolic panel which includes glucose level testing. Fasting glucose levels higher than 126 mg/dL would be a cause for concern and would need to be followed up by an additional test. If it is again higher than 126 mg/dL a Diabetes diagnosis can be confirmed.  Anything in the range of 100-126 mg/dL is referred to as Prediabetes and puts people at a greater risk for developing type 2 Diabetes.

Nevertheless, many people with uncontrolled blood sugar may not have any symptoms so it is recommended that people should get annual blood work done so that any emerging conditions can be dealt with as soon as possible.