Don’t Drink the Water

I recently went to the doctor the other day for my annual physical and it just so happened that I wasn’t feeling the greatest. Nothing to serious – I had been having some stomach pains, had lost my appetite, and feeling constipated. He asked if there was anything I had done differently in the last few weeks and it just so happened that I did. “I went to Texas to visit my brother and stayed with him for about a week” I told him. He looked and nodded and then asked, “Well, did you drink the tap water while you were there?” I thought for a moment and said, “Well, you know, I’m pretty sure I did.”

“You really shouldn’t do that when you travel far away from where you live” he told me. “Really? I always just thought it was for when you traveled outside the United States when this becomes an issue. I mean, we all have heard about not drinking the water like when traveling to countries in South America. So what’s the scoop?” I asked. And then he proceeded to explain the differences in the water treatment facilities and the fact that each different area in the States have varying levels of minerals and unfortunately even toxins. And when you live in one area for such a long time (like me here in Chicago) and drink the tap water, and then travel to another area (say Texas) and drink the tap water there – sometimes your body doesn’t like it and will react accordingly.

Hmm…the things you learn from a physical. Now, if you haven’t traveled anywhere recently and are experiencing the same symptoms I was; a lack in appetite, stomach pains, and constipation – it just might be that you may have too much Vitamin D in your system. And you can easily check your levels here.