Easy Health

Who ever said that staying healthy was hard? Eggs and bacon for breakfast sounds pretty easy. But, for some, it also sounds unhealthy. But like I said in If “We Are What We Eat” Then… it’s really all about moderation. Check out this is a great article done by Men’s Health that reiterates some of the health perspectives that I have been posting about and then gives some other great quick and easy tips.  Like having a pet – in my Pets Help Your Heart blog – it’s more proof that pets are a wonderful stress reliever…I just never knew that they would rank above friends and girlfriends. Hmm…maybe that’s why dogs are referred to as Man’s best friend. ; ) Well, enjoy the tips and stay healthy. And if you haven’t had an annual checkup to see how healthy you are, we offer a fast and convenient way to choose what screenings you would like to have done and when to have them. Just another easy way to stay healthy. Just visit us at www.testmehealth.com.