Eat to Lose Weight?

That’s right! We really can’t avoid eating altogether, so why not just eat smart. And after this Memorial Day weekend, some of you may be thinking about how you wished you would had eaten a little smarter. But no worries. Here is a list of 11 foods that can get you back on track and help you feel good while eating during the summer.

They are: yogurt, eggs, pistachios, grapefruit, avocados, mushrooms, olive oil, whole grains, red peppers, fava beans, rice and veggies. (though in my book that’s 12 – but who’s counting). Either way, mix it up and have some fun with it – who knows, perhaps grapefruit and pistachios just might go well together? If not, no biggie, it’s all about having fun this summer.  And if you haven’t had a health screening yet this year – now is the time. You don’t want to waste any of that precious outdoor summertime “fun” sitting on the sidelines when you could have been prepared to be in the game. We have Men’s and Women’s Essential screening packages available that you can schedule where you want, when you want – just click here to get started.