Ebola Scare Scams!?!

Yes, it is Halloween season but this was the last “scare” I thought I would come across – companies cashing in on the whole Ebola frenzy by claiming they can cure or fight off the Ebola virus if you follow their persuasive instructions – and of course by follow, they mean pay for. You can read the full story here. So yes, while I agree that taking supplements and/or eating various foods may give you a healthy “feeling” DO NOT believe that they are curing or even preventing a particular disease/virus especially one as dangerous as Ebola until you actually go to your local medical treatment facility, hospital or your primary care physician’s office and have the professionals to do a complete diagnostics work up to let you know what may be going on with your body.

Getting scammed is one thing, but getting a virus like Ebola is completely another, and as of today, this is not a virus you want to “hope” you are preventing or can beat on your own with just a dietary supplement. Hopefully these few cases we have seen and heard in the news will be enough for us as a society to stop any further transmissions and the FDA will continue to do its’ job and ban companies to profit from something that isn’t proven to work yet and/or shown what any side effects could come of them.

In the meantime, if you are concerned about your health status, you can get a basic screening for just under $60.00 or just choose what tests you would like to have performed by medical professionals and even which lab location you would like to go to at TestMeHealth.com