What is an Estrogen Test?
An estrogen test is a blood test that measures the level of estrogen hormones in the blood. Estrogen affects sexual features and development. The Estrogen Test is part of our Women’s Essential and Women’s Essential Plus Screening Panels.


Why should I get tested?
Women might want to consider the Estrogen Test if they are having symptoms such as heart pounding or racing, hot flashes, night sweats, skin flushing, decreased interest in sex, irregular menstrual periods, mood swings with irritability, depression, and/or anxiety, vaginal dryness and painful sexual intercourse.How should I prepare for the test?
An Estrogen Test does not require any special preparation.

An Estrogen Test can also help identify estrogen-producing tumors of the ovaries in girls before menstruation starts or in women after menopause.

Men might want to consider the Estrogen Test to help explain abnormal sexual characteristics, such as enlarged breasts. Also, this test can help detect the presence of estrogen-producing tumors growing in the testicles.


What could my screening results mean?
High values may be an indication ovarian cancer, testicular cancer, cancer of the adrenal glands, liver disease (cirrhosis), or early puberty.

Low values may be an indication of problems with ovarian function, a drop in pituitary gland activity, anorexia nervosa, or menopause.

If your Estrogen Test indicates abnormalities, you should consult your healthcare provider for further analysis.