Facts About Antibiotic Resistance

  • Antibiotic resistance is becoming one of the world’s most critical health concerns
  • Bacteria have become stronger and less responsive to antibiotic treatment in the last decade, and many infections are becoming resistant to the most commonly prescribed antibiotics.
  • Frequent and improper use of antibiotics seems to be the primary cause for the increase in drug-resistant bacteria.
  • Every time antibiotics are taken, sensitive bacteria are killed, but resistant strains are left to grow, multiply and become stronger.
  • Decreasing improper antibiotic use is the best way to manage resistance.
  • Since children have the highest rates of antibiotic use, parents need to be especially mindful of proper antibiotic use.
  • When bacteria becomes resistant, the consequences can be illnesses that last longer, increased doctor visits or longer hospital stays, as well as the need for more costly medications that may have more serious side effects. Some resistant infections can even lead to death.


Centers for Disease Control