February is American Heart Month

According to the American Heart Association cardiovascular diseases are our nation’s number 1 killer, and the most common heart disease in the US most often appears as a heart attack, which is coronary heart disease. On average an American will have a coronary event every 25 seconds, and every minute one will die. To remind Americans of the importance of heart health, February has been named American Heart Month.

This is the perfect time to consider getting screening tests done.  Getting an annual screening is a crucial first step to maintaining your good health.  When screenings are done yearly, it allows you to see a trend in the test values and if anything is off you can be proactive about getting treatment.

Times are tough for everyone now, but we cannot take our health for granted.  TestMeHealth.com was established to make health screening tests readily available and affordable for the masses.  Do not wait until you have a heart attack or stroke to take action.