Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever – True or False?

Well, it seems the beginning of this old wives’ tale/medical folklore is indeed true – but the latter part, well…maybe not so much. Yet, that’s what the majority of us still do anyway. Why? Probably because it is somewhat comforting…listening to mom, grandma, Aunt’s, wives when we are ‘down and out’ sick to the bone looking for anything to help us get better faster. But just because that’s what they did…because someone told them and so on and so forth…doesn’t mean it is what we should be doing. Our bodies need energy to help fight off a virus, which is what a cold and the flu consist of, and eating/drinking lots of fluids helps provide that energy. That’s why chicken soup IS good for the soul. Also, sweating out the flu doesn’t really work either.

Check out the real truth, and then check out these 8 old wives’ tales that actually are true. After you have finished with those, you can click here to schedule your annual health screening to make sure your body is healthy and ready to fight off a virus when that time comes when the kids come home sick or your colleagues show up to work coughing and sneezing all over the place, which (unfortunately) will inevitably happen.