Fight a Good Fight!

When it comes to infections other than the normal cold and flu bugs – many of us humans take the easy way out and combat our illnesses with antibiotics. Some of you may actually have taken antibiotics for flu and colds (which isn’t necessary at all). Antibiotics fight against bacterial infections like: Strep, Staph infections, E Coli, Salmonella and certain STD’s.  They do not fight viral infections like colds and the flu. And taking antibiotics every time or not taking them properly has bacteria fighting back. It’s the same thing we’ve heard before in life – too much of a good thing can be bad. And this time it relates to antibiotics.

Some new superbugs have been identified and are spreading like wildflowers because they have become immune to the everyday antibiotic treatment(s). I’m a Sci-Fi fan myself, and all of this reminds me of Star Trek and the Borg. The Borg spread throughout the galaxy fast and swiftly (like bad bacteria) because they quickly adapt to their surroundings. Even if that means getting shot at, in which case, they eventually come up with a way to either absorb the shot or deflect it somehow. Sure some die but overall they continue to live on creating a nuisance for everyone.

Antibiotics do help…but use them as a last resort after seeing your doctor and talking about bacteria resistance as well as doing some research. Keeping yourself healthy is still the easiest and best way to fight a good fight – proper nutrition and exercise helps keep your immune system running at its best and protect you from bacterial infection. You can easily check your own health status here. And when talking about STD’s, condoms are the easiest way to prevent from getting an infection. And if you feel you need to get tested you can do so easily here.

Here is an excerpt from the book – The Fungus Link: Antibiotics – to Take or Not to Take? It is by a doctor who gives us some of his first-hand accounts, experiences and expertise on the subject.