Guys – Are You Having “Bad” Sex?

It may not completely be due to your lack of interest or because you’re not trying hard enough (I’m leaving out drunk sex – because, well…that could go either way – I’ve had very bad drunk sex but I’ve also had some very awesome drunk sex – then of course there’s the very awkward drunk sex…but I digress)! So, if you are finding it hard to “perform” like you used to (while sober) you might want to consider a few other things before getting yourself bummed out and feeling embarrassed.

1. Check your Testosterone level. If it’s low – that could lead to a low “sex drive.”

2. Test your Cholesterol – get a Lipid panel done. Erectile dysfunction is often a sign for high cholesterol.

3. Get your blood tested – have a CBC done. You could have some other underlying issues.

4. Have your Cortisol levels checked. Your stress and/or depression could be due to abnormal levels.

5. Get tested for an STD to relieve any other worries you may have – especially if you are having sex with several different partners and are not using protection.