Health in the 21st Century

In this day in age of supplements, medicine, replacement therapies, and the ever increasing Healthcare costs, wouldn’t it be nice to choose a test for yourself and find out whether or not you should be concerned about a variety of health issues on your own time? Well, look no further: with you can do just that.

With families busy trying to manage schedules, jobs, schooling and just trying to spend time together,wouldn’t it be nice to take care of you and your family’s health issues by starting online and going to a laboratory nearby when you want without the hassle of working around a doctor’s schedule.

Though we do not accept insurance, our costs are kept low, thanks to help of our affiliate partners. So you can be assured your getting quality testing for less.  At times it is even less t co-pay you would pay at the doctors office.

One of our featured test panels is the Essential Health Screening Panel.  It includes tests for Complete Blood Count (CBC), Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP), Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (THS) Test, and Lipid Panel.  This panel is used to give you a snapshot of your overall health, and it is only $79.