Healthy Lifestyle

What defines a healthy lifestyle? What defines good health? If you are thin does it mean you are in good health?

Most would agree that a healthy lifestyle would include: exercise, eating right, and getting adequate checkups. Good health would be thought of as not having any known ailments and being in good condition However, being thin does not necessarily make you in good health, such that being fat does not make you in necessarily poor health.

The most important thing that we are finding is that lifestyle will determine your health and getting checkups and tests will help you gauge your health. Getting health screening tests is the best way to make sure that your health is going to support you ongoing. After the age of 40, many doctors are now recommending blood work every 6 months. You should get blood work done more often if you are on a diet or making major lifestyle changes. This will apply to many people in the coming New Year. makes it easy and affordable to get tested at your convenience. Get tested today.