Heart Disease is Not Always Obvious

heart rateWhen talking about heart attacks / heart disease one usually thinks of men, especially those with that extra “spare tire” / beer belly hanging around their waste. However, the leading cause of death for women is NOT breast or ovarian cancer…it is in fact also heart disease. It’s just that more often than not the symptoms are more subtle in women than in men.

For instance, that classic grasping of the chest due to a sharp pain towards the left arm does not always occur for women (or men for that matter). Sometimes a symptom of a heart attack can be as subtle as nausea, sweating, shortness of breath, and even jaw pain.

So if you find yourself, not acting like your normal self, i.e. realize you are unable to do the things you used to do in the last few weeks or months, have constant lightheadedness and/or weakness, or perhaps, while working out, you are more fatigue than normal (when performing the same activities/workouts as before) pay attention and seek care.

Women indeed tend to “listen” to their bodies better than men it’s true, but how many of you know what your blood pressure is and what your current cholesterol and triglyceride levels are? All very important information to have and to know (you too men)…and thinking you are young and insusceptible to a heart attack is not the obvious way to think either. It is a silent disease unfortunately, for many, which can strike at any time that you cannot see until it’s too late.

If you do not know your blood pressure and/or cholesterol levels, now is the time to get them. You can do so fast and conveniently by going to www.TestMeHealth.com and if you have been experiencing any of the symptoms stated above for any amount of significant time – you should consult a physician right away.