Help Your BP Levels

That’s right! Help you…help you. And it’s pretty simple – eat more fish and seafood to keep your blood pressure at bay (no pun intended). Don’t like fish? Well, thanks to modern technology and researchers – we have Omega 3 supplements. Some of which even come with natural fruit flavors imbedded in them so you don’t “burp-up” (excuse me) nasty fish oil breath.

Worried about farmed fish versus wild caught fish and possible contaminants? Well, then check out this fun video and article. And as always, have a lipid panel done to make sure your cholesterol is indeed “at bay”. They don’t call heart disease The Silent Killer for nothing. Unfortunately the first symptom, for many people, is a heart attack. A lipid panel can show if you have high cholesterol or even low cholesterol and give you an opportunity to know so you can make proper adjustments to your diet. You can get one scheduled here online and choose where and when to have it done. Some other things you can do right away (besides eating more fish) are: Stop smoking (if you do smoke) – it’s one of the highest major causes of heart disease; 30 minutes of physical activity a day really helps out too;  and then reducing the amount of salt intake in your diet as well as eating more fruits and veggies. We all want to live a long full life, but that can’t be accomplished without proper blood flow.