Helping Your Cholesterol Through (Good Tasting) Food!

It seems whenever we try to restrict our diets to become more healthy, or even just to maintain our health, taste is usually the first to go. Use less butter, salt, and oils – fat free this and fat free that – it gets to a point where we want to just go crazy and dive into a tub of butter and start doing backstrokes. ; ) Well, I think if anyone could do that – they would actually have a stroke. Anyway, while doing my research, I came across and they had 20 foods/drinks that actually have great taste AND are good for you. You can’t beat a win-win situation. They even include the recipes and directions, so a win-win-win! I particular like the Sangria and Pizza!

And if you would like to see where your Cholesterol levels stand – you can get them checked out right here. It’s fast, easy and convenient.