Hi or Low?

That’s actually a fun card game to play (drinking or not) – is just not a fun game to play when guessing your internal Iron level. Is our heart pumping enough iron? How do you even know? Is our blood filled with the right amount of iron we need on a daily basis? How would we even know that? And why is it even important that we should know?

Well, if you are like me and workout and take supplements – it’s good to be on top of your iron intake. Otherwise, especially for us males, you are running a risk of possibly taking too much. And as they say, too much of a good thing can be bad. In this case, too much Iron can possibly lead to heart damage and atherosclerosis. And for some people, their body’s genetic makeup does not even allow them to lose any excess Iron – which is called Haemochromatosis.

On the flip side, low amounts of Iron (anemia), is characterized by fatigue, shortness of breath and energy loss. Here you may think you are just out of shape, and in actuality your body could just be low on Iron. And if you are a woman, your risk is even higher for developing an Iron deficiency due to pregnancies, breast feeding and menstrual cycles.

If you are even a bit concerned about the supplements you’ve been taking or have experienced some of the symptoms above – getting your Iron checked is just a click away: http://www.testmehealth.com/
Then you’ll find out if your guess (Hi or Low) was right or hopefully, that your body is right on track and you can move on to a different “game”.