Holiday Health

During the holidays it is especially important to get tested for health concerns. One study found distinct spikes of coronary heart attacks specifically on Christmas Day and New Years Day. Some have even nicknamed it the Merry Christmas Coronary. Cardiac problems spike during the holidays due to many factors.
1.    More Stress: Stress about preparation, stress about gift buying, stress about more things to do, stress about seeing the family all add to possible cardiac problems that you may not have experienced before.
2.    Smoking: Some people smoke during the holidays to try and cope with added stress and anxiety.
3.    Hypertension: Related to stress may also be a contributing factor.
4.    Cold Weather : According to doctors the cold can also lead to heightened cardiac problems
5.    Extremely Fatty Holiday dinners: If there ever was a time to cheat on that diet, the holidays seems to be the time. Some people go overboard and change their typical eating patterns to extreme over indulgence bingeing. Not the best for the ticker.
Add all of these factors together and you can see why there is a greater chance for heart attacks. If you have been putting off that test, now is the time to take it. Better to know before the holidays than to wait too late.
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