I Love Funny Headlines!

I tend to try and make funny headlines myself in these blogs so when saw Is Your House Making You Fat…well, I couldn’t help but smile. And they even started their online article with a funny pic to go along with it. Now, it’s not to say that what they are suggesting is at all laughable. They actually have some pretty good and simple ideas that probably can help to trim your waistline. But when ideas like more natural light and keeping your house cooler don’t help and you’ve tried diet after diet and your still gaining weight and feeling depressed, well maybe it’s time to get serious and check your Cortisol levels. Cortisol is what helps the body use the sugar and fat for energy and also helps to manage stress. Problems and symptoms like weight gain and depression can occur if your levels are abnormal. And it’s as easy as clicking here to have one done. No insurance, no hassle, no fuss. Simple and convenient online testing to help you stay and remain healthy!