I Love Sleep

Ah yes, a good 7-8 hours of sleep…it provides us the chance to “reset” and helps prepare us for another day. And a new study suggests that it even gives us the opportunity to process the day’s events in order to make better decisions the next day. It makes sense. When is the last time you made great decisions and were able to get many things accomplished while tired? Probably not very recently. They are usually decisions like; “hmmm, another cup of coffee really sounds good right about now – oh, and maybe another donut too.”

Though it seems like there’s just way to much to do in order to take timeout for sleep – especially 7-8 hours of it, but considering the benefits, it could be the simplest change in your life that proves to be the most efficient decision you could ever make. Here’s the full article. Another efficient decision – annual health checkups. When dealing with problem solving and your health – it’s better to be proactive rather than retroactive. Just click here to schedule yours.