Importance of Health Screening

As medical insurance rates go up and less and less people have coverage, some are wondering what a good way is to affordably monitor their health on an annual basis. Health screening tests are a great way to do a checkup if you don’t have the time or money to make it to your doctor. An overall health screening can give you an indication as to whether the doctor’s visit is warranted. Done annually, it is also a great way to track your body. It is recommended that everyone that is over the age of 18 get an annual health screening blood work done.

Annual health screening blood work gives indications as to whether or not something is seriously wrong. Even if you do your annual visit to the doctor 1 x per year, they may not run your blood work unless you appear to have outward signs. Taking your health into your own hands and being proactive is the best way to ensure long term longevity. Keeping healthy and finding problems early on is what preventative medicine is all about. You do this through annual health screenings.