It’s Clean Up Time

Hurricane Irene is officially over, but her aftermath is still affecting millions. It may not kill anyone, but it could affect as much as the initial hurricane did – especially if safety protocols/guidelines and warning signs that FEMA and local professionals set up to help keep everyone safe are ignored.

Well,  much like a hurricane, certain health issues like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer can take a while to build up momentum that will eventually cause a lot of damage to your internal organs. And like FEMA, we here at provide health safety guidelines and give you the warning signs to help keep you informed and healthy.

If you haven’t been eating right, not exercising and/or you smoke or have a family health history – put your body in high alert and get tested today – unlike a hurricane, you can usually stop these health issues from quickly turning into a disaster and shut them down…but only if you first heed to the early warning signs.