Juicing to Lose Weight and Gain Optimal Health

Well I recently watched the video “Fat, Sick, and nearly Dead”. It was quite the wakeup call. I recently have been having health problems and am greatly overweight. So, I decided to give it a try. Well I am a month into it and down nearly 30 lbs. I would say the best diet ever. I also feel a lot more positive and alert. It really does change everything about life. Your skin clears up, body firms up, and you feel less tired. Wondering why I didn’t do this before is my only regret. But, life is a journey we all learn from.

The man that created the video, Joe Cross, had significant health problems as well. One of the key things that he did was constantly getting tested as he drove across the country. TestMeHealth.com supports standard blood tests for anyone that is about to embark on a weight loss/ health cleanse such as the “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” show. It is best to speak to your doctor before beginning any weight loss regime. However, we are an excellent supplement to your monthly check in’s. You could do weekly CBC tests very inexpensively and at your convenience on our site. Juicing is becoming more and more of a way to clean out all of the toxins we eat as well as lose weight. Wither you are juicing for a week or a 100 day juice fast, we are here to help monitor your health progress.
Good luck on the journey of re-self-discovery. It is quite exciting!