Keeping Yourself Healthy

stethoscopeCompromise is certainly a good thing to do if say, you are in a relationship. However, it’s something entirely different if you decide to compromise with your immune system…especially around this time of year. Why? Well, for one, it can’t talk back to you and explain it’s point of view like your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend can. The other reason is because it’s flu season and, believe it or not, having a strong and healthy immune system can prevent you from even getting the flu. Viruses love weakness, that’s what they survive on, so if you have eaten fast food all week long, decided to break from exercising and stayed up late hate-watching reality tv shows not getting the sleep you really need…chances are you have just compromised your immune system and it is now susceptible to get infected by a virus.

Keeping your immune system strong is key to fighting many infections. Eating healthy and getting plenty of sleep (the coveted 7-8 hrs) will help keep it that way. Let’s not forget regular exercise and reducing your stress levels…they are important too.

Do not get discouraged though if you have worked to maintain a good healthy lifestyle and still get the flu…there are many different strains of the flu virus out there and all humans react differently to them. If you do happen to “catch” one, you can be rest assured that your immune system is not compromised and you should be able to fight it off faster and not be sick as long.