Large Stomach, Large Amounts of Cortisol?

Cortisol is a hormone that is naturally secreted by the body throughout the day. The amount varies with the most Cortisol being secreted in the morning. Cortisol can also be secreted under times of stress. It is used by the body in the fight or flight response to an emergency. The problem with current everyday lifestyle is that high amounts of stress are causing more Cortisol hormone to be secreted every day. The more Cortisol in your body the more weight you are likely to gain. Furthermore, the fat tends to be deposited around your midsection which is where the most dangerous fat can be deposited. The fat around your midsection crowds your organs and increases your chance for a heart attack.

To help combat the problem, the first step is to get your Cortisol levels tested. Every individual is different and some will produce more Cortisol then others when under stress. So getting tested is extremely important. If you have elevated Cortisol levels they can be corrected through diet, exercise, sleep, relaxation and as a last resort medication depending on the severity. Best time to work out is in the morning for those with high Cortisol levels but any low stress moderate exercise throughout the day is helpful. Sleeping more will also help bring down Cortisol levels as well as relaxation through meditation and yoga. Diet is always crucial as well and eating a diet full of green leafy vegetables helps reduce Cortisol levels as well as add to a myriad of other health benefits. Should you need medication, this should be done as a last resort after lifestyle changes are attempted first.