Live Longer – Pass The Pumpkin Pie Please

Chaoyang Li, M.D., of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a new study on alpha-carotene. Alpha carotene is found in Pumpkin Pie may help you live a longer life. Who knew that extra piece of pie could add years to your life?  Alpha-carotene is in carrots as well so don’t forget to go after that veggie platter. 

The study tested 16,000 US Citizens over a 14 year period.  Based on blood tests, those with the highest levels of alpha carotene were most likely to still be alive.  The study also showed that your chance of having cardiovascular disease or getting cancer also decreased.  Those that consumed high amounts of alpha carotene reduce theri rate of death by 40%.

Alpha Carotene can also be found in other foods such as carrots, cantalope, spinach, broccoli, oats, barley, winter squash, tomatoes, green beans, cilantro and swiss chard.  As mom always used to say – make sure to eat your veggies. 

Many people have long taken beta-carotene as a supplement.  It now looks like alpha-carotene may be even better at supporting a healthy long life.  So this holiday have a piece of the pumpkin pie for your health.