Moderation IS key.

I’ve been saying that for years – and obviously others are out to set some records straight as well. This time it’s about alcohol consumption in middle aged and older adults. Turns out that drinking moderately can lower risks for Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Here’s the full story. But we are talking about one serving (for women) to two servings (for men). It’s easy to say moderation, but it’s sure tough to follow – how many of us really stop at just those researched limits? I mean for crying out loud have you heard the news about the Triple Double Oreo cookie yet? Yeah, sounds cool, but do you know what the suggested serving size is…well, take a guess? Okay, it’s one. One little (tall) Oreo cookie! Really? I don’t know of one person yet who can just eat one Oreo and walk away from the bag (unless of course it’s really the last one in the bag) ; ) Same thing for wine – once a bottle is open, it’s easy to just keep pouring until it’s emptied.

No one has ever said moderation is easy – we wouldn’t have an obesity issue if that were the case. Well, I could go on and on but for now, if you haven’t felt like you’ve been eating and drinking moderately, you can get an essential health screening done fairly quickly and inexpensive to make sure your overall health is still in good shape – just click here.