New Year’s Resolutions – Don’t Forget STD Screening

new-years-eve-1058678_960_720As the New Year arrives and everyone sets a resolution for themselves, remember to leave room on your checklist for testing your health…particularly for STDs. You may not have it in mind now but on the world’s biggest nights of partying & drinking – this may play an important role afterwards as many of us make poor decisions while celebrating into the early morning hours, or even worse yet, get taking advantage of by others who have lost sight of their own inhibitions.

Sure it’s fun to celebrate, but play it safe – stay in groups with people you know and feel comfortable around but most importantly if you’re going to have sex and you do not know your partner’s health/STD history – use protection. That part however tends to be forgotten as we typically fumble around just to take off clothes and try to speak correctly. The hilarious scene in the Beer Fest movie reminds us a lot of real life scenarios when many of us start acting like Barry Badrinath when he was at the bar wasted and in his mind he thought he was Mr. Sauvé the whole time. Testing options are always available for you though if something like this ends up playing out on your night anyway.