New Year’s Resolutions

One more day until New Year’s…do you have your resolutions ready? Lose weight – check, Eat healthier – check, Drive safer – check, Spend more time with friends – check, Go on a vacation – check, and your list may go on and on. So how about getting your overall health tested? Is that on this year’s list? If you are active, always on the go, and feel healthy perhaps you do not take the time to get tested annually. Perhaps then, it is time to make this part of your New Year’s commitments.

It’s almost a full 11 years into the 21st century and obesity and high blood pressure are still on the rise. More than 100 million Americans have high cholesterol (above 200 mg/dL), which can clog arteries, cause heart attacks and strokes. This means a lot of  unhealthy eating and no testing and/or inhibitions and self control have gone out the window. So with another new year quickly approaching, how would you like to start?

For those of you reading that have already made annually health screenings a part of your life, I applaud you and I wish you luck with your other 2012 aspirations. For the rest of you, makes it convenient and inexpensive to add it to your resolution list. It is a New Year after all, so go on and party like it’s 1999, but try not to forget that a healthy body will lead to many more future New Years to celebrate.