Obamacare is Backfiring

What Obamacare was supposed to do and what Obamacare is actually doing will certainly be on the top of news stories across the country this year. The promise of “Health Coverage For All” is now becoming a hopeless nightmare for most. Millions who have worked and enjoyed healthcare benefits from their employers are now finding themselves not only cut from those benefits but also cut from their hours of work too. You see, under the new health care law, employers who have employees working over 30 hours MUST abide by the new statutes of Obamacare or face a fine of $3,000 or more for each employee until they do. The Catch 22 here is that those new statutes require employers to incorporate more health care benefits for their employees than what they have provided in the past, which of course, will cost that employer more money. Some say it’s even over 50% more than what they have been providing! So what is a business owner to do? Well, for starters, they are dropping the total number of hours of their employees that work around 30 hours so that they first do not get fined. Yep, they are cutting their hours to 29 or less. Second (and worse) they just let go many of their employees so that they can somehow compensate for the hike in these new healthcare premiums that they now have to offer to what employees they do have left. This means less money for both the business and for the employees…and that’s not even accounting for that company’s overall loss of productivity.

According the latest polls, we have only just begun to see companies cut their hours and their employees. Businesses like Target, Home Depot and UPS have already reported their “loss” numbers thus far…we can only imagine who will be following suit.

The good news? Well, you still have a viable option to be screened for healthcare issues should you find yourself without insurance. Anything from checking your Iron levels to having a CBC done (a Complete Blood Count) or getting your Cholesterol tested to ordering a PSA (a Prostate-Specific Antigen) which is used to screen for cancer and Prostatitis. Yes, these tests do cost out-of-pocket but they are affordable and convenient to have done. Choosing your test or tests is simple and you can even choose the lab location where you would like to make your appointment…all online. Your results will be directly sent to the email you provide which then you can take to a Doctor should you find you need to follow through with anything that comes up as abnormal. All testing is provided through Quests Laboratories which are accredited and ranked number one in the Health Care industry according to Fortune magazines “World’s Most Admired Companies” list from 2013. Just click here to get started.