Organic Veggies the way to go

Organic veggies are the way to go. GMOs are not. Over the past few decades more and more of our crop has been tainted by Genetically Modified Organisms. In fact it is known as genetic contamination. Crops that are GMOs are in almost everything we eat now a days and we are not even told that there are GMOs in our food. In Europe, GMOs are labeled. In fact once people understand what is in a GMO; people tend to shy away from them. Seeds that are modified to have their own insecticide may not be the way to go if you don’t want to ingest insecticide. A new corn in San Diego can actually cause sterility. Talk about population control?

The fact that the FDA pushes these toxic foods on our population and says they are the same as other non GMO food is ludicrous. The GMOs are untested and as new GMOs are created, they are immediately released into the population with no testing. The US Population is being used as Guinea Pigs to test mutated crops. Some of which have been linked to possible cancers. Yet it continues day in and day out.

Organic is the way to go as far as eating. However, with the number of GMOs cross breeding through pollen with other neighboring farms, it may not be too long before even our organic crops are contaminated.

The best hope for the future is that the FDA or the Department of Agriculture will do the right thing and start labeling these products so that consumers can make up their own mind about the products. However, this is currently unlikely as most of the people that sit on these boards are ex corporate executives from some of the largest food manufacturers in the country. Until changes occur, you will need to take care of your own health. Get tested for disease and eat the right foods. Organic Veggies are the way to go.