Panic & Fear

Two very well known causes of stress – and while the country (and the world) awaits the decision from the Federal Reserve this afternoon, to hopefully ease the economic tension, have you thought about yourself? Perhaps all the stress you are experiencing isn’t just because of our government’s lack of leadership and responsibility. Just like all the politicians pointing fingers at everyone else but themselves, have you been pointing fingers at everything and everyone but you? Many times your own everyday actions can lead to a build-up of excess stress which then in turn creates a build-up of Cortisol. Check out this article – it gives you a good idea of how stress and Cortisol are related and how you can help maintain your levels.

In the meantime, while we’re all “stressing” about our economy, maybe it’s time to check our own Cortisol levels to make sure we’re not creating more than our bodies can handle. Higher levels that remain in the body can lead to depression, heart disease, sleep disorders, obesity and a host of other health issues. Our human nature states that we need to take “Fight or Flight” action in stressful situations – and when we don’t do either of those (which is usually the case in our world today) our bodies suffer. And we make it easy & stress-free to check your Cortisol – just click here to get started.