Phthalates and BPA can alter Thyroid Hormones

Recently, Phthalates and BPA (bisphenol A) has been removed from some of the manufacturing of certain chemicals because it was found to cause problems with the auto immune system, cause cancer, reduce sperm counts, cause birth defects, and other health related problems. You may have seen plastic bottles list themselves as BPA free. The Phthalates and BPAs were added to plastics to make them more bendable.

A new study out that was done on a large scale population shows that Phthalates and BPAs may be causing thyroid issues as well, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) reports. Thyroid problems have been on the rise and the use of Phthalates in plastics may be the culprit. Those with thyroid problems were shown to have abnormally high levels of one of the two substances.

The next time you pick up a plastic bottle see if it is BPA free. Most are not unless it is a bottle for infants or toddlers. Thus, you may be getting unwanted chemicals in that bottle of water or soda. Glass bottles are a healthier alternative. Remember it is not just drinks. Food is often stored in containers that contain these deadly/dangerous chemicals. You may not feel an immediate effect, but down the line you could have serious medical conditions. Also, remember not to microwave your food in plastic containers as this releases more chemicals than normal.