Purpose of a Urinalysis

Why does someone get a urinalysis done on him/herself? Some people do urinalysis tests to make sure that there are no problems in their system. A routine urinalysis is a very inexpensive way to monitor ongoing health concerns. Even if a person doesn’t have insurance, getting a 1 x per year urinalysis is a good way to begin to monitor your own health and try and stave off any future potential health problems.

Further, routine urinalysis may be used for the following reasons:

  • · diabetes monitoring
  • · general health screening to detect renal and metabolic diseases
  • · diagnosis or the kidneys or urinary tract diseases
  • · many different types of cancer

TestMeHealth.com offers a way for you to order your own urinalysis without having to go see your primary health care provider. This is the same test that your doctor would order; we just save you the major cost of the doctors’ visit. If there is a problem found, on the urinalysis then you should defiantly visit your doctor. We can save you time and money while still helping you take care of your health.