Saving Others Can Help Save You As Well…by Giving Blood

It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work saving lives again and extending our own lives at the same time. Sounds almost to good to be true, right? Well, the research is in and donating blood can result in the reduction of iron levels and risks of developing cancer, preserving your overall cardiovascular health and even some weight loss.

First and foremost, iron directly correlates to how thick your blood is. If your iron levels are high, then your blood is thicker and may not move as fast throughout your body and creates friction of the lining of your arteries and blood vessels as it slowly travels. Donating blood helps to balance your iron levels, which in turn, helps relieve any (what is referred to as) oxidative stress to your cardiovascular system. This is important because it reduces the chance of a heart attack as well as decreases the free-radical damage(s) that creates types of cancer (according to the Journal of the National Cancer Institute).

Still not convinced to give? Well, blood donors can look forward to burning up to 650 calories per pint of blood every time they donate (according to the University of California San Diego). Now if all of the above reasons are still not enough for you to get out there to a blood bank, then think of it as receiving a quick health screening and a free blood analysis. All donors go through a small physical – getting their blood pressure/pulse read, hemoglobin tested and overall health history is taken. Did you forget what blood type you are or have no clue? Well, they will let you know that as well!

Now to put the icing on the cake, this month (January) is considered National Blood Donor month. So if you have already broken many of your New Year’s Resolutions (mmm donuts), then this is a great opportunity to make up for that! Many blood banks are in dire need to replenish their already low winter stock. For that reason alone, I already have my date set of when I will be giving my next pint (and then maybe break yet another resolution by celebrating with a pint of Guinness shortly after).

Every two seconds someone is in need of blood. It only takes two seconds to decide to donate. And if you would like to have your iron levels checked (whether or not you do decide to give blood) it only takes a few seconds more…just click here to get started.