Say What?

Do you have kids that are always asking you to repeat yourself? Are they turning the TV & radio up louder and louder? And do you smoke? Yep, I asked if YOU smoked. It’s certainly not a side affect I would ever have guessed either (I mean, my last blog was about smoking and I didn’t cover this). But as it turns out, second hand smoke can also lead to hearing loss. You can check out the full story “hear“.  ;  )

So before you abruptly scold your kid for not listening to you yet again…perhaps you should get their hearing checked. That way, you’ll know for sure the next time they say “What?” that it’s not because they’re completely ignoring you on purpose. And for you adults that had smoking parents like me, perhaps it’s time we had our hearing checked as well – who knows what the second hand smoke has done to us!?!