Sick? Check Your Wallet.

The culprit could be in there. Yep that’s right, a recent article states that if you’re carrying around good ‘ole hard cash, you could be setting yourself up to get sick. It makes ‘cents’ too (pun intended), cash and coins are about the only thing we carry with us that exchange hands very frequently…and therein lies the key word…HANDS. I’m mean, when’s the last time you broke a $10 or a $20 at the coffee shop and washed your hands before and after the exchange? And even if you did, are you really going to insist that the cashier washes his or hers right then and there too? So instead you grab your coffee and muffin or piece of fruit and start eating.

Exchanging money is cultural and humans have been doing it for century’s. And for some reason, we don’t even think twice about it. Never think twice about the dollar bill that has just been passed to you may have come from a weekend at the strip club. Never think twice about that ‘George Washington’ you just found on the sidewalk was rolled up last night doing a line of something illegal. Never think twice that the 5 dollar bill laying on the seat of the taxi has just been sneezed and coughed on. Nope. We just thank are lucking stars that we just found money and/or say thank you for getting money back and move on our marry way. So what is one to do? It’s not like there are sinks at every cash register. At it’s not like we are going to wear gloves all the time…which, by the way, if you have traveled up and down any tollways in the country and have given the toll attendants your money…guess what they are wearing? Now you know why.

Well, whatever you end up doing, to easily avoid picking up any strange bacteria…just don’t touch money and then touch your food, face, or any open wound. Then just remember to wash your hands before you do eat or have to wipe your face or take care of a wound. Oh and hand sanitizer works great too. Another thing to do (and this goes for just about anything) is to be prepared by getting your annual health screening. Maintaining your health is one of the best ways to prevent sickness whether it’s from handling currency or not.