Still Smoking?

With all of the resources available now and free public information out there – it amazes me that many still choose to smoke. It’s one of the worst things a person can do to themselves that also directly affects the people around them on a daily basis.

It just doesn’t seem “cool” anymore to smoke anyway. Many states (and other parts of the world) are putting a ban on smoking and placing strict policies in many areas in corporate buildings, restaurants and even casinos. Prices keep getting higher for a pack, warnings keep getting bigger, and more direct PSA’s are being developed to discourage everyone from not smoking and yet it still continues. And it seems not everyone is getting the message that smoking is bad – in fact – they are getting the opposite message. Just check out this recent article.

I grew up with two smoking parents – and let me tell you, it wasn’t pleasant trying to get rid of the smoke smell off my clothes when preparing for school, or a date, or any event really. And it turned out that all the Lysol and dryer sheets could not remove the “smoke smell” anyway as I found out. And who’s to say I won’t end up with some sort of health problem in the future because I had two selfish parents. Yes, it may not be easy to quit, but if my mom can do it after 25 years of smoking…I’m sure you can too. She quit “cold turkey” after I showed her some pictures of some lungs online and pretty much cried asking her to please stop. Yes, she was sick from withdrawal for 2-3 weeks afterwards, but she says she would do it again in a heartbeat if she could take back some of her years she did smoke. As for my dad, well…he’s an older dog to try to teach a new trick to, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.